Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I recently added "Mumsicles" to my "CC" profilename /identity. For those who may be scratching their head over that one, it's one of the many nicknames my son has given me (Mumsicles I suppose is a play on 'Popsicles').

Since he learned to speak, he has given me various nicknames. They are ever-changing and one of the things I will always treasure between us. As a single mom, I raised Daniel alone. I guess this is evidence of the closeness we developed. Here are some of my other nicknames:

Bee-sa-goo (my first nickname. don't ask me what it means; he called me that for years starting a two yrs old)
My Sweetness
Co-Co Puffs

I'm including a photo of a time I foldly remember. We were both much younger :)

What precious memory do you hold of your son/daughter from their childhood?


  1. What a beautiful picture! No stress visible, just pure joy of being mother and son. I remember one year, my daughter was about 5 years old, I took my kids to K-mart to have Christmas pictures taken. She saw a big white bear on a shelf of props and she said that she wanted to have her picture taken with that big white bear. The photographer told her that they use this particular bear for pictures with little babies and not big girls like herself. My daughter said: "I am my daddy's baby". Guess what, she had her picture taken with the bear and I bought a 8x10 print of it. It is precious and reminds me that she always knew how to get her way.

  2. What a great picture! And what a great question. There was a long time that I couldn't even look at pictures of my girls when she was little....it was just too painful. One of my really fond memories of her childhood is that she used to whistle. She would whistle all through the grocery store. Or she would sing. In the back seat of the car you could always hear her whistling or singing. It was such sweet music. We live in a small town so the checkers at our store had known her since she was a baby and they would always ask her what she was whistling or if she had heard this one before and they would whistle a tune to her...she was happy. A happy sweet little girl.
    Thanks for helping me to remember that today.

  3. Love the picture and post and it made me remember so many good times with our children. My daughter has so many nicknames and we once put them all on a birthday card:
    Some of Courtney's nicknames
    just to name a very few...

    She calls me MOMSKY , that is my latest nickname from her. I remember car trips and she and I would always end up snuggling and napping while her daddy drove and her sister and brother talked. Also, she would always order something at a restaurant when she was little, but then end up wanting what I ordered so we would share my plate.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. I like the nicknames. We don't have children but I can appreciate the closeness of you with your son.

  5. Awwww, how sweet!!! I love the photo. I know what its like to raise a boy alone, theI did the same thing. I think there is a special mother/son bond that is even stronger in families like ours. Daniel is a lucky guy to have you, and obviously the nicknames show that he is aware of that!

    My son has always called me "Mom". Not very creative! I have lots of precious memories of those younger years. We had a tradition for New Year's Eve - we'd lie on my bed and watch Animal Planet for hours (they usually had a Steve Irwin/Crocodile Hunter Marathon on featuring snakes). He'd always fall asleep before midnight and I'd let him sleep there and wake up the next morning with his precious face the first thing I'd see to start a new year.

  6. P.S. You are VERY pretty and he's a doll! (I bet you still look great...so we age a bit here and there...no biggie!)

  7. From the moment Daniel was born, he was gorgeous. Thank you for saying I am pretty but truly, he takes after his father's side. His dad - and especially grandpa - were knockouts.

    Daniel stands 6'1' tall, slender with a very strong physique, a charming smile; he was a kid that was loved by parents and children alike. I actually think his good looks may have contributed to his difficulties in life. Everyone thinks he's very handsome. Sometimes I was shocked to see the model-looking friends and girlfriends in his social circle. I think it was and is the wrong kind of attention. Maybe it created a new kind of pressure that I don't fully understand. He comes across as a very confident young man, arrogant at times, now. I think it's a smoke screen. But I love him so much. I love that he towers above me. I love walking with him arm-in-arm (yes, he will let me do that). I love that he kisses me on the cheek. I pray he comes back to me. Jesus, please rescue my baby and the other sons and daughters of my new friends.