Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biking helps

Friday we returned home from a week at the beach. Saturday my husband left on a trip and I found myself alone in a big house with way too many thoughts of my son, my life, and why I am not happy with the state of either one. I could not get myself motivated and ate more than I should have. I suppose I was wallowing.
Later that evening I learned there was an organized bike ride in our city scheduled for the next day. I decided to register.
So this morning, I ventured out alone to join a bunch of other crazy cyclists, spinning their pedals all over town. I elected the longest route (not that long, really: 35 miles). The ride ended at a big food event in downtown. So I decided to hang around and enjoy some food and chef demonstrations.
As a result of my spontaneous decisions, I had a really good day - the antithesis of Saturday!
So glad I decided to go for a ride. Hopefully, this will get my week off to a good start.


  1. Good for you! And your right it all helps...the exercise, the fresh air...
    I hope today is just as blessed


  2. Way to go! Glad you made the right decision.

  3. Your on the path of recovery for yourself! I found the first steps are deciding what is new and different and then doing it. And not letting phone calls, thoughts etc. from/about mo son to interfere with my focus on me.