Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I did it, Mom!

I picked up Daniel from rehab today.
He gave me a big hug saying "I did it, Mom" and cried.
We both did.

So begins a new chapter...for  both of us.

If anyone is looking for a fantastic but very intensive program that is designed for the addict that keeps relapsing, I suggest you consider the ExSL program at Serenity Lane in Eugene Oregon. For the person that has hit their bottom, this program yields amazing results. The amazing thing is that there is a fantastic recovery community in the town. Alumni continue their involvement with current patients and provide support and a bridge to the community after the program is over.  Daniel has developed relationships with ExSL alum who have months and years of sobriety. The counseling team is dedicated and highly-skilled. Though a great deal of therapy occurs among the patients themselves. http://www.serenitylane.org/exsl.html

I realize there are no guarentees in this journey and I may sound overly optomistic. I'm not, actually. But if you saw the before and after picture of my son, you would understand that miracles happen here.

That's all for now. Praise the Lord for new beginnings.


  1. To be more specific, before rehab, my son had a 3-yr addiction to Methadone that he could not kick on his own. He was also using benzos. Previous to that it was pain meds and heroin for a total of 10 yrs of abuse. He should have gone to prison for the activity he was involved in. Today he is happy, hopeful, talks openly and honestly about his abuse, and how he lied and manipulated to protect it. I know he still has a long way to go and new struggles that he may or may not be ready to face. But he has learned so much, has a fantastic support system, and best of all, feels ready to do recovery the right way - with the help of others.

  2. God Bless and Keep our sons. I am so happy for you. After countless rehabs and sober living facilities my son also kicked his meth habit.He refers to his recovery as "coming out the other side".

    And while we all know its Day by Day, it's so nice to be able to say TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!

  3. I am glad for Daniel. It is good to have hope and realize that today is a good sober day.

  4. It's wonderful to read about success in recovery. Congratulations!

  5. My husband just entered the exsl program in Eugene today. He has been using something or another for 21 years of his short 30 year life. Most recently opiates (oxy) and marajuana. I pray that my husband has the same results as those who have gained years of sobriety from this intense program. He is very scared and nervous of the intensity of the program that will focus on character & behavioral defects and relapse prevention. I pray that God will heal him during his 90-day stay.