Friday, June 4, 2010

Learning to Live

After 1.5 weeks in rehab, Daniel is doing as expected. Maybe better.

A couple days ago he called from the clinic and declaired "I think I know what my problem is", to which I replied "Really?"

He went on to say that he realizes that he thought he could control his use of drugs (as he did in the beginning) but now he knows he cannot. And he realizes that while he has made other attempts to get sober, he has never worked a 12-step program. I asked "Are you ready now?", to which he replied, "Yes - my way doesn't work."

I hope he means it. I think, for today, he does. So I am cautiously encouraged. But I am learning that his words are not always trustworthy - not that I don't believe he is sincere - but that beating this addiction is going to take more than words. But I am happy that he is starting to recognize his powerlessness and considers the 12-step progam the path he needs to take. This is progress.

Meanwhile, Michael and I are learning to live our lives. Tomorrow we are going cycling on our new road bikes. In preparation for an upcoming 60-mile ride, we're going to cycle around Hagg Lake; a mere 10-miles, but some good rolling hills on which we will test our legs (and endurance).  Forecast is low-70s so it should be a fun and beautiful day. I'm finding more and more that physical exertion is highly theraputic for this mom who is otherwise, still too preoccupied with her beautiful boy.


  1. I hope he does too. good luck on those rolling hills LOL

  2. We take what small blessings come our way...this is positive news and I will be praying for you both!! Happy cycling this will be in the triple digits here in Texas ~ YIKES!!!

  3. This sound like very positive news. I hope he keeps putting faith in the program one day at a time. The bike ride sound wonderful (except those hills). Hope you have a joy-filled day.

  4. a date night with my husband (our Friday ritual) was the perfect start to our weekend. Thanks to my good friend, we used a giftcard and enjoyed an incredible happy hour meal at a top-notch steakhouse in downtown Portland. Mmmm, mmm good!!! Need to find another reason to celebrate so I can go back.

  5. HI CC...I just read you comment on my blog...and want you to know I'm with you in prayer for your son to be free. I had a 14 year drug addiction...nothing worked...only Him. And you too know the power of His gentle touch...He will make the difference in your son's life. Stay strong ok. Sarah

  6. I' happy to hear that he realizes that his way does not work. Even if it is just for today, the door has been opened. As I've said before my daughter told me that once she went to rehab and actually worked some of the program (the first time) the high was never the same when she used again. It wasn't as "fun". It was in some ways ruined for her. You never know what will stay with them and speak to them even if they do relapse.
    That's quite the bike have wayyyy more stamina than me! Enjoy!
    Continuing to pray for you and your son

  7. I hope that you enjoyed the day and that your son realizes that there is another way. Being entirely ready to work the program helps.